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Search 3 AIDS resources: AIDSLINE (journal articles, government reports, and books covering research, clinical aspects and health policy issues related to AIDS), AIDSDRUGS (dictionary), and AIDSTRIALS (info. about clinical trials).
Search three AIDS research databases: AIDSLINE, AIDSDRUGS, and AIDSTRIALS, from NISC.


Dictionary of chemical and biological agents currently being evaluated in the AIDS clinical trials covered in companion AIDSTRIALS database. Each record represents a single substance and provides information such as standard chemical names, synonyms and trade names, CAS Registry Numbers, protocol ID numbers, pharmacological action, adverse reactions and contraindications, physical/chemical properties, and manufacturers' names. Agents which were tested in closed or completed trials are included. A bibliography of relevant articles is also included.

AIDSLINE (AIDS information onLINE)

Citations from journal articles, government reports, letters, technical reports, meeting abstracts/papers, monographs, special publications, theses, books and audiovisuals covering research, clinical aspects and health policy issues related to AIDS. The citations are derived from the MEDLINE, CANCERLIT, HealthSTAR, CATLINE, AVLINE and BIOETHICSLINE files and the meeting abstracts from the International Conferences on AIDS, and other related meetings, conferences and symposia.


Includes information about the clinical trials of substances being tested for use against AIDS, HIV infection, and AIDS-related opportunistic diseases. Each record covers a single trial, and provides information such as title and purpose of the trial, diseases studies, patient eligibility criteria, contact persons, agents being tested, and trial locations. Information about the trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health is supplied by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAD), while information about privately sponsored trials is provided by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). AIDSTRIALS is a part of the AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service (ACTIS), which is a Public Health Service project sponsored by the FDA, the NIAID, the NLM, and the Centers for Disease Control.
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