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AGRIS International

Covers international agricultural sciences and technology. Indexes worldwide agricultural literature which includes research results, food production, and rural development.
Comprehensive inventory of worldwide agricultural literature which reflects research results, food production, and rural development to help users identify problems involved in all aspects of world food supply. Emphasis is non-U.S. This file corresponds in part to the printed publication, Agrindex, published monthly by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. AGRIS is a cooperative, decentralized system in which over 100 national and multinational centers take part. Collects and makes available current information on the agricultural literature of the world appearing in journals, books, reports, and conference papers. Each country which participates in AGRIS does so by submitting information about documents published within its own territories. All contributing sources are of non-U.S. origin. FAO acts as a coordinating agency within this global information system, facilitating the exchange of agricultural information to its member countries. Subjects include:
Coverage Dates1975-current

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