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  • ABI/INFORM Complete A Best Bet database
    Articles in business, finance, management, accounting, advertising, banking, insurance, marketing, public administration, real estate, and telecommunications. 1991-current (fulltext); 1971-current (index & abstracts).
    Also Known As
    • ProQuest ABI/Inform Complete
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  • Audit Analytics
    Access detailed audit information on over 1,500 accounting firms and 20,000 publicly registered companies. Know who is auditing whom and how much they are paying for what services. Create reports by auditor, fees, location, industry and more.
    Audit Analytics requires that you obtain a password to log in. Please email Tom Hardy at using your UConn email account to get a password.
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  • BCC Research
    Market research reports on: advanced materials, transportation, biotech, chemicals, energy, engineering, environment, food & beverages, fuel cells, healthcare, IT, instruments, membrane & separation technology, nanotech, pharma, plastics, and more
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  • Bizminer - Industry Financial & Market Reports
    Bizminer provides detailed financials and market data for thousands of lines of business and industries across the USA. Find industry financials and ratios by keyword, industry code, or drill down by segment. Ideal resource for writing business plans.
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  • Business Market Research Collection {Cancelled 10/9/2019}
    This database contains company, industry, economic and geopolitical market research from three sources, including Hoover"s Company Profiles, OxResearch from Oxford Analystica, and Snapshots.
    Also Known As
    • Hoovers Company Capsules & Profiles
    Access to this resource was provided by the State, which has dropped the State subscription and access will end 10/9/2019. If you use this resource, please contact and let us know if it is important for your research.
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  • Business Source Complete A Best Bet database
    A comprehensive business database.
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  • DirectEDGAR
    Software designed to pull sort and extract specific information from SEC filings. From the website: "Our tool lifts data from the original SEC filings and then normalizes it into one csv file, ready to open in Excel, SAS or similar analysis programs.
    Available only to UConn faculty members and PhD students. Directory access only. Request access via the School of Business IT support.
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  • EconLit through EbscoHOST
    Indexes the international literature on economics. Topics include economic development, forecasting, and history; fiscal and monetary theory; business and public finance; international, health care, regional and urban economics, and more. 1969-current.
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  • Factiva A Best Bet database
    Global news and business information articles. Includes Dow Jones Interactive and Reuters Business Briefing. Current.
    Access limited to 3 concurrent users. Please LOG OUT when done. Works best with Internet Explorer.
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  • Fortune Magazine Archive 1930-2000
    A long-running business magazine. This digital archive contains its full text, including all color illustrations and advertisements, individually indexed, from its first issue in February 1930 through December 2000. 1930-2000.
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  • Gartner Market Analysis
    Campus-wide limited access to Gartner market data and analysis.
    Link to University IT page regarding access to Gartner: (you will need to copy and paste the link)
    Gartner is for Educational use ONLY. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Users of Gartner agree that they are a UConn faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of UConn. Gartner cannot be used for commercial research or for any activity associated with an organization other than UConn.
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  • IBISWorld
    Full-text of industry, company, and economic reports, covering over 700 U.S. industries. Reports include key statistics, market characteristics, segmentation, industry conditions, key factors, key competitors and outlook. updated regularly.
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  • International Financial Statistics
    Data for over 200 countries. Includes exchange rates, commodity prices, consumer prices, and other financial data. current; many data files are from 1945 to current.
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  • Mergent Archives (Dunn & Bradstreet)
    Includes over 30 years of key business ratios related to solvency, efficiency, and profitability. The ratios are based on financial statements of U.S. corporations, partnerships, and proprietorships both public and privately owned, in all size ranges.
    Also Known As
    • Mergent Manuals
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  • Mergent Intellect A Best Bet database
    Find information on companies, executives, consumer data and demographics, industry reports, key business ratios, and career opportunities.
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  • Mergent Investext
    Research reports on over 42,000 companies and 125 industries from Thomson Reuters. Formerly provided via the Thomson One platform.
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  • Mergent Online + Investext
    Business & financial data about U.S. and international public companies. Includes: company data and annual reports. Includes Investext research reports (formerly on Thomson One). Most recent 15 years.
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  • Mintel Market Sizes
    Market data for over 60 countries and hundreds of products and includes market size, market share, segmentation data, trend forecasts and economic data. You must accept a click-through agreement prior to searching Mintel.
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  • Mintel Reports
    Product and industry market research reports covering US and International marketplaces. You must accept a click-through agreement prior to searching Mintel.
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  • NBER Working Papers
    Working papers published by National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) researchers, intended for other professional economists. 11/1994-current.
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  • NetAdvantage (S&P)
    From Standard & Poors. Financial information for thousands of US and global companies. Also includes Industry Surveys, Bond Reports, Stock Reports, Directory of Corporations, Register of Executives and more.
    Also Known As
    • Standard and Poors NetAdvantage
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  • New York Times Historical (1851-2007)
    Full-image archive of The New York Times. Includes the full-text of everything published in the newspaper. 1851-2006.
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  • Newspapers through ProQuest (US Major Dailies)
    Full text of: Hartford Courant 1992-, Christian Science Monitor 1988-, New York Times 1980-, Wall Street Journal 1984-, Washington Post 1987-
    Also Known As
    • Hartford Courant (1992-Current)
    • Christian Science Monitor (1988-Current)
    • Wall Street Journal (1984-Current)
    • Washington Post (1987-Current)
    • New York Times (1980-Current)
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  • OECD International Migration Statistics
    Coverage includes: agriculture & food; economic outlook; education; health; science & technology, and much more. NOTES: UConn has access to the OECD statistical databases ONLY. 1960-current.
    Works best with Internet Explorer on Windows.
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  • Oxford Handbooks Online
    E-book collection of handbooks in business/management, political science, philosophy, and religion.
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  • Passport GMID
    Provides comparable statistics for 205 countries on economic indicators, health, foreign trade, environment, lifestyle, industrial and agriculture output, communications and more. Also includes market size data for over 300 consumer products and services. Varies.
    Also Known As
    • Euromonitor
    • Global Market Information Database (GMID)
    • GMID
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  • PrivCo
    Provides business & financial information on major private companies including family & minority owned, private equity or venture backed, and international unlisted companies.
    If you do not see a confirmation email after registering to use PrivCo, please check your email spam folder.
    Users of PrivCo must be employees or students of UConn. PrivCo cannot be used for commercial research or for any activity associated with an organization other than UConn.
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  • RIA Checkpoint (Full Access)
    Accounting and tax research. First-time users must register for RIA accounts using their UConn email. Users must re-register every semester. Register or renew here:
    RIA Checkpoint cannot be used for commercial research or for any organization other than UConn. Users of RIA Checkpoint must be current UConn faculty or students.
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  • RIA Checkpoint (Register or Renew Your Account)
    First-time users of RIA Checkpoint must register at this site. Registered users must re-register every semester. You must use your UConn email. Once you have registered, you may login into RIA here:;go
    Users of RIA Checkpoint must be current UConn faculty, staff, or students. RIA Checkpoint cannot be used for commercial research or for any organization other than UConn.
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  • RMA eStatement Studies
    eStatement Studies is a source of composite performance metrics derived directly from the financial statements of financial institutions' borrowers and prospects.
    Also Known As
    • eStatement Studies
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  • Sports Market Analytics (SBRnet)
    SBRnet provides continuously updated market research and news on all aspects of sports industry including equipment sales, participation & attendance rates, consumer expenditures, sports facilities, licensing, TV & online media reports and trends.
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  • SRDS (Standard Rate and Data Service)
    Media rates and data for the advertising industry. Includes print and online media sources.
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  • Statista
    Statista provides statistics on media, the environment, business and industry, sports, communication, politics, health care and more. Geographic coverage is worldwide, with particular emphasis on the United States, China, and European Union countries.
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  • Thomson One Banker
    Offers current & historical financials, filings, earning estimates, real-time market data and stock quotes, ownership profiles, deals data and more for U.S. and International companies. Please see Mergent Investext for embargoed research reports.
    Internet Explorer is the only supported browser. Windows 10 users should use IE 11, as Microsoft Edge is not supported.
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  • Value Line Investment Survey
    Weekly reports on 3500 stocks, projections of key financial measures, and commentary on current operations and future prospects. current.
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  • World Bank Open Data
    Free and open access to global development data, including World Development Indicators. Covers agriculture, manufacturing, health indicators, education, natural resources, and foreign investment in the economies of over 200 developing nations. 1960s-current.
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  • WRDS
    Data management service. From the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.
    Also Known As
    • Audit Analytics (via WRDS)
    • CRSP
    • First Call
    • I/B/E/S
    Click on [account request] and complete the online form.
    Global Insight is for Educational use ONLY. Commercial use is strictly prohibited. Users of Global Insight agree that they are a UConn faculty, staff member, or officially registered student of UConn. Global Insight cannot be used for commercial research or for any activity associated with an organization other than UConn.
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